Quality Breeders. New Strains. Discreet. Affordable

Prop. 215 Patients Only (Rec Required)

Serving San Diego County

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We have the healthiest clones around!

We take the arduous task out of finding clones.

  • First Generation

    All clones derived from mother plants have been started from seed

  • Discreet

    Clones are delivered in a mutual meeting location

  • All Feminine

    No male plants

  • Quality Guaranteed

    Pest free, guaranteed genetics

  • Organic

    No harmful pesticides used

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Check out our updated stock (below) and give us a call.

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Clone Strains

Call us for questions.

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Hello! We are a group of local growers that are here to serve the community and help prop 215 patients become self-sufficient.


  • “Hands down, the best clones around”

    LAURA CHARETTEVideographer
  • “Super healthy, clean clones, easy transaction! What else could you want?”

  • “Best clones I have worked with in the last ten years. No Bugs! Just great!”

    Herman Smith
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All clones are cannabis cup winning strains

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